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here it is....4th of july....honestly, prolly one of my lesser favorites....let me know what you think....does it need work? ideas? critques? please help....the next two shouldnt be as hard....at least the next one is kind of writing itself...maybe tomorrow...no promises (looking into kidney donation now...cause honestly, i havent the slightest clue)....anyway....thank you to politicalfemme9 for keeping me inspired and asking about this one....this is for you....enjoy :)

and im not sure accomplished is the right mood...cause im not so sure this feels like an accomplishment....im not in love with it...its short....but cause its the 4th of july, its almost necessary fluff....

Sunday, July 4th

I was in Boston for two years before I spent the 4th in the city. The first year, it was spent with friends in a near suburb, the second, in New Hampshire where I got an awful sunburn. Although, I’m slightly saddened by the fact that I won’t spend my first 4th in my new city actually in that city, I do live there now, and there’s always next year.
Over the years of falling in and out of home, I had forgotten the splendor of a small town celebration. Sure, its small, the festivities aren’t that of San Francisco or Boston, but in a way, it’s ours. Outsiders might not understand, but that’s why you’re outsiders, we don’t want you here anyway. I glance around and see various kids from my high school, many that are years younger than me. I see them in line for games, taffy, funnel cakes, and remember what that was like. When all that mattered was that your boyfriend called you once a day and you had plans on Friday night. Oh if only I knew then…wow, I say to myself, I sound old.
The groups of kids make me think of my own friends, and the couples remind me of Ryan. We spent the first 4th we were together here being dorks I’m sure. The thought of Ryan brings a smile to my face. He had wanted to be together tonight, to take me to a bonfire one of his friends was having. It sounded like fun, and part of me really wanted to go, really wanted to be with him tonight. But deep down, I know I need my family right now. I look at my dad on the other side of the blanket, sporting the glow ring Kyle gave him, and I know I made the right decision. There was a point in my life when I couldn’t get away from them fast enough, now I can’t seem to tear myself away.
“Remember when I won all the fish?” I asked my dad. The high school band is in the middle of their rendition of Stars and Stripes, the beach is packed, ninety percent of the spectators are clad with glow sticks, its official, the Lakewood 4th of July celebration is in full swing.
“Pretty hard to forget”, he answers, taking a swig of his diet coke.
“I only had five chances, and won how many of them? Four?”
“Pretty much, and then I told you we were done.”
“And I begged you to play again…and you let me. You could never resist the puppy dog eyes.” I tell him as I sip my water. After last night, the only thing I want to drink is water. “If I remember correctly, I came back with six or seven fish out of fifteen tries. I’d say I had pretty good aim for an eight year old…when it comes to ping pong balls and little fish bowls.”
“Yeah, your mother was thrilled.”
“Oh, I bet.”
“I was thrilled about what?” Mom asks as she sits down on the blanket with a funnel cake.
“All the fish I won here when I was eight.” I tell her.
“Yeah. It was great Alex. Maybe you could do it again.”
“Don’t tempt her.” Warns my dad.
“Be careful what you wish for. I could give you an encore performance.” I say, gesturing to the booth where the game is being held this year. “Although, I don’t think I’m as good anymore. You’d think that someone who could win seven fish out of fifteen tries wouldn’t suck so bad at beer pong.” At that moment I realized what I had just admitted to my parents. “Ummm….yeah,” I utter.
“Alex”, says my mother, “There are some things you really shouldn’t tell us, because really, we don’t want to know.” I burry my face in my hands and shake my head.
“How can you eat that?” I ask, quickly changing the subject, and tearing a piece off.
“She says as she steals some.”, adds my dad. My mom just gets that smirk on her face…again. God, I love them. I pause for a minute and wonder what I would do without them. How I would ever get through this. At that minute, I decide that everything will work out, as long as we stick together.
Soon, the sun has finished its decent beyond the horizon, taking much of the heat of the day with it. I glance around, and it seems as though the entire town has turned out for the celebration. Kyle comes out of nowhere and plops down on top of my dad. This elicits and oof out of dad as he pretends he’s being squished, but anyone can tell he’s thrilled he’s a dad and wouldn’t rather Kyle sat anywhere else. Our neighbors occupy the next blanket, and my mom’s good friends the one in front of us, and I can tell from the beep of my cell phone that I just received a text message, probably from Ryan, wishing me a happy 4th of July. I haven’t been surrounded by this many people since I left San Francisco, but honestly, I’ve never felt more alone.
I turn on my I-pod and lean my head back into my mom’s lap. Am I too old to be doing this? Probably. Do I care? Not so much. Nickelback’s Someday is playing as the fireworks begin, piercing the sticky, stale air with luminous reds, blues, and greens. I glance around at my family and can see the fireworks reflect in their eyes. How did I get so lucky? I ask myself. Cause at that moment, I realize they are my rock and that I would be broken without them.


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Jan. 26th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
Keep it coming... this is going to be a great novel once it is complete
Jan. 26th, 2006 05:20 am (UTC)
thank you.....i have the next part done....just editing and whatnot....prolly be up tomorrow :)
Nov. 5th, 2006 09:42 am (UTC)
i'm a fan of your grey's anatomy fanfiction I'm controversy_queen i would love to read more of your stuff so if you could possibly add me that would be great.
Nov. 6th, 2006 12:08 am (UTC)
just added you :)

the novel i started is in here....it starts on jan 12th. ive been on hiatus from it since i started the greys thing....and im thinking of leaving it for now and starting a new one, which will have a similar style to white picket fences.
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