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at work...........

i love the fact that i can sit at work and write a journal entry. yay internet access....yay empty office for the next half hour....even then, theres only 2 of us here for the rest of the day. anyway.....

its been awhile since ive updated....prolly cause im still fighting the mold. i dont understand why i cant just beat it with a stick til it dies. i miss my bed :( i miss being able to open my closet door. at least i feel better...damn mold...had me sick friday too...grrr. maybe it will be gone today. im so asking for more than a weeks credit on my rent. they owe me at least 2 if not more. i havent been able to sleep in my room since last wednesday. and even then, i prolly shouldnt have.

brian and i actually went out this weekend. it was fun. we went to hooters. he couldnt believe id never been there....and actually the food was pretty good. and there was quite the interesting game on too....then we went to the cannery...where there are 80 some beers on tap. i had 2....and a shot of something...i dont remember what...but it tasted like cinnamon and had gold in it. even though it was yummy, it took me 4 tries to get it down...im just not meant to take shots....whatev....so after our crazy night out, i 'drunk' dialed melissa at what was 2am for her....i love you melissamylove.....and i loved your message on sunday morning too....course i turned my phone off.....but i saved your message, so in 21 days i will be amused again.....i finished out the evening jumping on the bed....kind of like tom cruise jumping on oprahs couch...i kind of want to jump on a couch right now....maybe i could jump on my desk...think anyone would care? i dont think anyone would know....riiiight...knowing my luck, kelly would come back in then and be like what are you doing? and then it would be like haha ive lost my mind. maybe i could go home then....

i went running on sunday....pittiful 6 mile run, but i did see the cutest dog ever at the park. he was the same colors as a sheep dog, but with long hair....and he was smaller...maybe thigh high on me....so cute.

hmmm........whatelse...im bored....i should do the kids accessories pos cept i dont have the information for them....my tummy hurts...is it 5 yet?

brooke is coming to see me on thursday! cant wait.....not too sure what were doing yet....but i get to meet the baby :) she mentioned something about sea food....yummmmmm sea food...can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? although i did eat an artichoke on friday....thank you kelly for broadening my food horizons....took me back to brooke in central square feeding me a tangerine.....cept the artichoke was better....

ok...off to find something productive to do. i will, however, post another update to my story later....just for you melissa...cause i called you at 2am ;)


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Jan. 17th, 2006 06:30 pm (UTC)
That's a shot of GoldSchlagger hunny...cinnamon, gold flecks...i buy it by the handle ;-)

Jan. 17th, 2006 07:39 pm (UTC)
you can buy that stuff by the handle?! saweet....i must go do so...and then i can call you every weekend ;)
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